Casey Kiernan – Athlete Interview

Say hell to Casey, board sports enthusiast living in Palm Beach, Florida.

DOB: June 5, 1994
Born: West Palm Beach, FL
Sponsors: Zap Skimboards, Revolution Balance Boards, Nomad Surf Shop, Eelsnot, Savage Swim, and SkimChicks.

How did you get started in skimboarding?

I really started getting serious about skimboarding the summer I was 15. We were going through a flat spell for surf as per Florida’s usual summer, and when I couldn’t surf, I saw some guys riding waves and doing tricks on their skimboards. I never thought it was more than sliding across some wet sand, so that got me interested- riding waves when there really weren’t waves.

Tell us about your favorite board!

You know, it seems like each time I get a new board from Zap Skimboards, that board becomes my favorite! Right now,I’m riding a 52″ Fuse X, which is fast and versatile for all conditions.

Who was your first sponsor?

My very first sponsor was The Skim Source. If it wasn’t for the owner of that company, I probably would have never gotten as far as I did with skimming. He helped me get brand new custom boards, traction pads, covered my contest entry fees, and helped out with travel costs. He also told me he believed I would become the Pro Women’s WorldChampion. So yes, thanks to Brian Hammer, we made that happen.

Who are your current sponsors?

Zap Skimboards, Revolution Balance Boards, Nomad Surf Shop, Eelsnot, Savage Swim, and SkimChicks.

What competitive result are you the most proud of?

I’m most proud of my 2nd Pro Women’s World Title win (in 2016). It was a trying season as I had to miss one of the three contests due to a broken ankle. I was out of the water for 3 months because I had to get surgery and rehab it. I worked hard doing my own physical therapy, eating right, and overcoming the fear of re-injury. I got in the water for the first time after my injury just 3 days before the championship contest to end the season. At that point, I was tied for 1st on the tour. I was in pain and fearful during the whole 2 days competing, but I got 1st in each of my heats, coming down to seconds and tenths of a point separating my win from my rival’s loss. I was really proud of myself for my hard work paying off.


What’s the next event you are competing in?

August 11th and 12th id the first contest of this season in Dewey Beach, Delaware.

What’s your favorite trick or move?

I love airs! Especially, when I get high and lofty, when I land it, pretty sure my jaw always drops and I start laughing.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

My biggest inspiration is God, without Him, my life wouldn’t be nearly as wonderful.

Any advice to up and coming athletes looking to get sponsored?

Right now, social media is everything. I remember when I first tried to get sponsored,I got denied from a company because they said I didn’t have a big enough online presence. So put out good content consistently, keep pushing yourself to make progress, show support for your favorite companies, and be genuine! The right sponsors will come in the right timing.


Tacos or burritos?

Both, I’m always hungry.

We hope you enjoyed our chat with Casey Lynn Kiernan

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