Julia Castro – Athlete Interview

Come get to know the lovely 2x Spanish Wakeboarding Cable Champ from Europe!

How did you get started in action sports?

I was doing athletics, competing and getting to the pro level… That was back in 2010, I got injured and had to undergo a knee surgery. After recovering I slowly went back to training but I was very unhappy and I felt like it was impossible to get back to my level, that summer I worked at the Kiteboarding World Champs as a waiter back at home (Fuerteventura) and… After work I asked one of the riders to take my in his back kiting. I completely fell in love. Unluckily, it was not until a year after I managed to finally start kiting, I traded photos for kite lessons and… Here I am

Wakeboarding is a funny one too… I was coming back from the windless Spanish Kiteboarding Nationals back in 2014. That was in Murcia and driving to Málaga (where I was living back then) a friend called and asked me to stop in Almeria, in Wasawake to try wakeboarding. Well, after 2 seconds in the water I completely fell in love too… A week after I did my first comp and got 2nd place (okay, we were 3 but I still won over 1 girl having done like 3 days of wakeboarding). 2015 got me out of the water due to a shoulder surgery… And I came back in 2016. And here we are!

Who are your current sponsors?

Well, good you asked because I recently signed a partnership with Phone Cases 3D! They’re a great company and I am stoked they’re counting on me and helping me out to keep achieving goals!

Main sponsors are: North Kiteboarding, ION, Organicup and Lavanderia el Cardón.
Colaborators: Vivida Lifestyle and KeepFitDoctor

Tell us about your favorite board and gear!

Well, not because I am sponsored by I am in love with my North Dice’s and my Gambler 139. The Dice is a very fun kite, it’s my favourite all around from the range! I can jump high, do sliders with easy, go for a freestyle session, have fun in the waves, enjoy foiling… There’s no limits with this kite! It’s also very durable.

On the other hand, my board is the Gambler in size 139. There’s 2 reasons I have this board: 1) Because I wakeboard and compete in it so, I need a board that can meet my expectations and needs in a wakepark, and the Gambler is perfect for it. 2) I don’t need to bring 2 boards to my trips (one specific kite and one specific wake). With one I have all I need. For those who are wondering why 139cm if I am a girl (172cm tall and 62kg). Well, purely for landing purposes at the wakepark.

I also count with a wonderful bunch of gear from ION. Some of the stuff I use and my favourites are the whole Muse range in turquoise color, my Nova harnes, my wetsuit jacket… Let’s not forget my best travel companions: my boardbag and my sunbrero!

Stoked to count with the best gear in the market 😉


What contest result are you the most proud of?

-Vice European Kiteboarding Freestyle Champion 2015.
-5th Wind Voyager Triple S Invitational 2017
-2x Spanish Wakeboarding Champ (2016, 2017)
-5th IWWF World Cup 2017 (Wake)

What’s the next contest you are competing in?

I have a incredibly busy schedule. I just got an email inviting me to Jordan for the 2018 IWWF Wakeboarding World Cup! I will probably also compete at the GKA Waves event in Dakhla, then off to USA for Triple S, Wakeboarding Europeans in Milan…


What’s your favorite trick?

In kiting I used to hate back to blind but now I kinda love them. In wakeboarding… Depending on the day 😛

Who is your biggest inspiration?

Rafa Nadal! hahaha He’s humble, worked sooo hard his whole life to be were he is, he overcomed and is overcoming a million injuries… And he’s old and still ripping! He’s my example and idol!

Any advice to up and coming athletes?

So many! Depending if they wanna be pro-free riders or pro athletes… If it’s the second one; train hard at the gym and look for someone to train you, you will avoid injuries and if you get them, they will be less bad. Find a good physiotherapist to treat you, they are key too. Stretch a lot, eat well and try not to look at what others are doing, just do your thing enjoy and be happy.


Tacos or burritos?

4ever burritos, If they are from Cape Hatteras better.

Thanks guys for taking the time to interviewing me. Don’t forget to check out my social media and/or website to tell me what were your thoughts about this interview 🙂