5 Reason Why You Should Be Paying For Athlete Endorsements

Athlete endorsements go a long way.

Smart businesses recognize that athletes have incredibly passionate fans. This article will cover why it’s a powerful marketing strategy to partner with athletes because of their influence, reach, and ability to create brand loyalty. 

Whether its a sponsorship, a brand ambassador, or even just a simple shout out, this type of influencer marketing can drive some serious sales, while also creating brand loyalty. These partnerships are also extremely beneficial to athletes with ever increasing expenses for training, rehab, nutrition and travel. This mutual relationship of business and athlete is gaining some serious traction in the business and marketing world.

According to Forbes, over 1 billion dollars for endorsements will be paid to athletes in 2018.

The Top 100 Highest paid athletes “banked a cumulative $3.8 billion with 23% derived from endorsements and appearances.”* That’s only 100 athletes, so it’s easy to see that influencer marketing and endorsements are a crucial part of a company’s marketing budget in 2018. We don’t anticipate that number going down either.

*Reference: Forbes – The World’s Highest-Paid Athletes

Here’s our top 5 reasons why you should include athlete endorsements in your marketing strategy:

Build Trust with Customers.

Athletes have very passionate and loyal fans. When an athlete endorses a product or service, their fans listen and some will even shop online and become customers immediately.

Non-Intrusive Advertising

People don’t like commercials or advertisements. Endorsements from athletes can be much more authentic and not feel like an advertisement.

Cost Effectiveness

Marketing is expensive because you are constantly competing against other ads. Athlete endorsements can be much less expensive with better results.

Traffic and SEO Boosts

An athlete endorsement can drive traffic to your website and social media (very fast). Leverage influencer marketing and reach new audiences.

Athletes can create content.

Content creation is an important part of a marketing strategy. Athletes can bring a fresh creative take on your to your presentation.



We definitely recommend adding athlete influencers into your marketing strategy. Be sure to check out our athlete network to get started with influencer marketing, and if you have any questions, be sure to let us know.