You Should Be Training With Thompson Performance

Get to know Cody Thompson, pro surfer and founder of Thompson Performance.

With over 10 years of experience as a professional athlete, Cody has worked every day with the mentality to live better, do better, and ultimately, perform better. Now he’s opened Thomson Performance in Atlantic Beach, Fl and is offering personal fitness, sports performance, small group training. Let’s jump into our interview!

Hey Cody, tell us how you got started in action sports!

My dad is a thrill seeker and my mom supported all of our wild endeavors. I started out racing motocross when I was 3, which faded into a semi-professional rollerblading career that lasted until I was around 12 years old, then I traded my blades for a surfboard and never looked back.

I spent most of my teenage years surfing and skateboarding competitively until I signed a paid contract to surf for Billabong at 16 years old. I shifted my focus towards the ocean and never looked back. Now I golf when the surf’s flat.

What inspired you to open Thompson Performance?

Regretfully, I didn’t pay much attention to my health and fitness until my early 20’s. I noticed a major shift both physically and mentally as soon as I started training and fueling my body with healthier foods.

Shortly after I began training, I had the best competitive year (2013) in my professional surfing career. I continued to educate myself on fitness and apply my learnings directly to my training and overall health and fitness as it related to surfing.

I love having a platform to share my passion with others and help people make positive lifestyle changes.
Thompson Performance, Jacksonville FL

How important is it for action sport athletes to have a structured training program?

As action sports continue to grow, so does the level of talent. Athletes are constantly pushing the limits and boundaries set by the generations before them. These younger athletes are moving faster, launching higher, and getting more technical than anyone who came before them.

Athletes must have more power and resiliency than ever before. Talent on its own is no longer winning gold medals. You have to be strong mentally and physically. A structured program with purposeful training is a must for action sports athletes.

What is your opinion of surfing and skating being added to the 2020 olympics?

I think 2020 will go down in history as a big moment for surfing and skating. I’m not against it but it will be super interesting to watch it all unfold.

There’s now an opportunity for surfers and skaters to represent their countries in the olympics and that’s pretty freaking special.
Thompson Performance, Jacksonville FL

Who is your biggest inspiration?

Trey Thompson. He’s a beast.

Any advice to up and coming athletes?

Beer tastes better after a win.

Tacos or burritos?

Chipotle bowl. Sponsor me?

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